They say Rome wasn’t built in a day. It’s not exactly Rome, but the Ebooks Hive International is working on an epic task of setting up online library that’s not just built to last, but aimed to leave a legacy on Nigeria education landscape.

A hallmark of the Ebooks Hive International is collaborative e-learning. Here at Ebooks Hive International new Ebooks, lectures will be few and far between. Instead, students will be taught by a distinguished faculty in a learning environment that focuses on team-based learning (TBL), simulations and extensive use of technology. To help them learn their curriculum wherever they are, the students will access eLearning materials through their iPads, laptop, computer and handset anywhere, at any time.

The future of learning may very well be here, says Ebooks Hive International Director of Website design, Michael David who leads the team development work. “We want to design technology that will meet the training needs of future Professionals and researchers. The e-learning materials are designed around the Internet library. It will drive our teaching methodology that uses small and large group interactive seminars, team-based learning, eLearning, experience.