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Building engineering technology involves the process of designing and constructing buildings and other types of structures. A degree in building engineering technology prepares students to manage construction projects as well as design, implement and maintain building components.

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Learn in-depth knowledge of all the key aspects of accounting & finance. You can also study the MSc Global Accounting online. Industry Connections. Career ready degrees. Top Student Experience. Competitive fees. Small class sizes. Student support. Events, Talks & Speakers.

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Cyber crime

In today’s technologically evolved business landscape, there is a drastic increase in IT security breaches worldwide. As years have passed, the level of threats has also been continuously evolving, which is making it even more difficult for enterprises and government agencies to find the right cybersecurity solutions. Today, Cybersecurity Certification training is quite popular, considering enterprises are looking to secure their data and services across platforms. Some of the widely-recognized Cybersecurity courses such as CEH, CISSP, CCNP, CCSP, CISM, and more will help professionals to gain a proper understanding of Application security, cloud security, data integrity, cryptography, network security, identity and access management, and more.

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